Monday, January 11, 2016

Maginhawa St. Gastronomic Walk #11: Fat Cousins' Diner

When I first read about this diner's name, I thought it was kinda funny. And then I tasted the food and found out there wasn't anything funny about Fat Cousins' Diner. In fact, I took this small restaurant very seriously that I ate there three times last December! Now isn't that proof I loved Fat Cousins' Diner? Food is good, prices are great and the deals are the best! What am I talking about? The unlimited drinks and unlimited rice that come with every meal! Now, what could be a greater deal? 
There isn't much on the menu - just four main entrees which I've all tried and loved. These are the Australian T-Bone Steak (P199.), Hungarian Sausage (P129.), Home Style Roast Beef (P149.) and 1/3 Pound Beef Burger (P99.). I can't tell you which one is my favorite because as I said, I loved them all!

Australian T-Bone Steak
This steak came in a huge serving. At its price, don't expect it to be a prime cut but hey, it's a lot better than you would expect. That day, the gravy was on the salty side, though. Still, this T-Bone steak is delicious and probably the best that your 200 bucks could buy. 

Hungarian Sausage
This was my friend's order on our second time here. She loved the sausage and let me taste it. It was spicy and just rightly salty. Good! I would love to have it more with toasted bread rather than with rice, though. I wish Fat Cousins would offer that as an option for all-day breakfast.

Home Style Roast Beef
I had this on my second visit. On my third when I brought with me one of my kids and two nephews, the kids ordered this one, too. Tender slices of beef poured over with gravy are the perfect accompaniment to rice, along with the mashed potato. Yummy!

1/3 Pound Beef Burger
At its price, I didn't have much expectations about the burger. Remember that at just P99, it comes with fries and unli drinks! Surprisingly, the burger was really good with the patty thick, juicy and rightly spiced. There's even veggies and yup, fries on the side. 
It's perfect for an afternoon snack.

Iced tea
Pepsi products for the soda

Inside Fat Cousins' Diner

 Fat Cousins' Diner at 114 Maginhawa St., Teachers' Village, Diliman, QC
So what's not to like at Fat Cousins' Diner? There is no dessert here and no coffee either. And the menu that you could see when you Google, it might as well be called a hoax! I looked up the menu before we first visited and had the resolve to order a banana split for dessert but once there, the crew lady that took our order looked surprised! I also ordered coffee but they didn't have it either, I was told. So why do they put those on their menu that is shared on the web? They might as well have a new menu published to avoid confusion and frustration on the part of their clients. 
Still, I love Fat Cousins' Diner and recommend it to anyone for the good food, 
efficient and polite service and pocket-friendly prices. 
Check it out, folks! Happy eating! 

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