Saturday, October 3, 2015

Today's Word: Psalm 111:5

We often pray to God to ask for healing, protection, a job, and help in many situations but sometimes, we tend to forget to ask for His provisions, thinking what we eat is too trivial for the Lord to be concerned about. But we must not forget that it is also God who puts food on our table. I remember the story of the prophet Elijah in the book of 1 Kings. The king's wife wanted to kill him, so he escaped by running into the wilderness. There, exhausted after wandering and walking the whole day, he laid down to sleep but was awakened by an angel sent by God, telling him to eat. Near his head, Elijah found bread (it was cake in other Bible versions) and a jar of water. He ate a little then went back to sleep but the angel awakened him again and told him to eat some more so that he would have the strength to continue his journey. I so loved this story! Just like a loving parent, God loves 
us so much and cares enough to provide what He knows we all need. 
Let us ask God today to provide our daily needs and not forget 
to thank Him for all His blessings. 
God bless you.

(Thank you, Inspiration Ministries for this photo)

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