Monday, October 26, 2015

Afternoon tea and more at The Royal Piccadilly

When I was in my teens many full moons ago, I would read my older sister's Mills & Boon pocketbooks and swoon over those poor (well, by their standards) but young and beautiful women becoming sweethearts (Oh, I'm old; this word is unheard of these days. hahaha!) with rich royalty or handsome and successful businessmen. As those novels had England as setting, I'd often read about the characters having their ceremonial and traditional afternoon tea and wondered 
about how scones looked and tasted like. 
Fast forward to more than 20 years later, and here I was, finally coming face to face with and actually eating scones at The Royal Piccadilly! Just imagine my excitement! This charming foodie place is on Katipunan Ave., which my co-worker/friend and I reached one afternoon through a cab ride from our office in Visayas Ave. We were famished and raring to have merienda. 
Oh well, this place was the perfect one for merienda - only this time,  it wasn't like any other merienda we were having at the office cafeteria, but really, finally, THE afternoon tea! Yeeey! 
We had:

Seafood Caesar Salad
Afternoon Tea set
Pot of apple, cinnamon and raisin tea
Our friendly server preparing tea for us
Love, love, love this very aromatic and delicious tea

Red velvet cupcake


                                        I love these faux desserts and sandwiches !

The Royal Piccadilly at the 2nd Floor of Petron-Katipunan near UP Town Center in QC
Oh, wow! What a great merienda it was! From the seafood salad to the carbonara and the desserts - everything was delicious! Note that the Afternoon Tea set itself was just dessert to us. Hahaha! What big tummies we have! And the scones..the scones! So that's what it is - it's like a cookie but it's bigger and thicker and a little more chewy. I think there were raisins in it and it was served with jam (blueberry) and English cream. It was perfect with our hot apple, cinnamon and raisins tea. Yummy! We were offered many tea flavor choices, by the way. I wanted peppermint but it wasn't available to I picked the apple, cinnamon and raisin 
which wasn't a bad choice after all. 
Anyway, aside from the scones, the Afternoon Tea set also included two macadamia cookies, a carrot bar, a cupcake (I chose the red velvet one), four mini sandwiches, and the pot of tea. What you could have in the set depends upon your choice and the prices vary accordingly. 
If you're coming for lunch or dinner, you'll have many other food choices at The Royal Piccadilly. Choose from their rice meals, burger and pasta.  If you're coming for just coffee and cake, that's fine, too. 
As for the prices, I think I may have lost our receipt but to give you an idea, all of our orders amounted to over P900. The Afternoon Tea set that we had was I believe the most pricey at around P330. But there are sets 
that cost below P300.
Well, try The Royal Piccadilly, folks, and enjoy the ambiance of this lovely place 
and the good food, but of course. 
Happy eating! 

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