Friday, October 16, 2015

Lovin' all-day brekkie at Tapa King

Tapsilog, short for tapa, sinangag and itlog, is a favorite breakfast fare among Filipinos, not excluding moi. For this reason, many restaurants offer it and not just in the a.m., but all day long. Moi is happy, but of course, because I love tapsilog even for merienda or dinner. Good thing, a number of foodie places offer it as a specialty and serve it any time of the day. One of such restaurants is Tapa King, which started its operation in 1987. Now 28 years in existence, it already has branches in different parts of the country and has even expanded abroad. A few months ago, Tapa King opened a store quite near our home - at the new Sun Mall in Welcome Rotonda in Quezon City. Good thing so I could have their tapsilog more often, as well as some of their other offers.
Here's some of my favorites here:

Tapa King, P142.
Spicy tuyo, P162.
Beef Steak Filipino, P85.
Chocolate cake, P65.
 TK Burger, P60.
French fries
Mushroom soup, P35.
Inside Tapa King at Sun Mall in Welcome Rotonda

Tapa here at Tapa King is indeed a royalty in taste - rightly spiced, and tender. I love that it's not saucy like at another famous tapa place (did I just give a hint there? Hehe..) but not dry either. I also enjoy their spicy tuyo, which is really my No. 1 favorite for brekkie at home, where I could fry it to a crisp.  Meanwhile, I also loved the Beef Steak Filipino although it didn't appeal to me at first sight. The beef was "anemic-looking" so I thought it was bland. Good thing it turned out to be delicious, just rightly salty. The burger was my daughter's order and she said she liked it, together with the fries. The chocolate cake was a bit of a surprise 'coz I didn't expect Tapa King to come up with a good one. But it was - moist and delicious, with the just the right level of sweetness. 
All these make Tapa King one of my favorite all-day breakfast places. 
Find a branch near you if you haven't tried it. 
Happy eating!

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