Sunday, September 13, 2015

Today's Word: Psalm 121:7

If you live in the big city, where crimes happen everyday, you know how it is to have fear walking alone on the street at night or riding a cab home from work. If you have children like I do, I'm sure you worry about them going home from school or work at night. But we don't always have to live in fear for our safety and even our very life, because we have a loving GOD and Father in heaven who is watching over us and keeping us and our children away from harm. 
When it's late and my teenage son or daughter is not home yet and I start to worry, I have to remind myself of GOD's promises like in Psalm 121:7. I then pray and leave my worries with the LORD. Afterward, I could rest assured that GOD is watching over my child 
and he or she will get home safely. 
Are you in a situation right now where you are fearful for the safety of your loved one or your own? Know that if you pray, the LORD will keep you and your family 
from harm and watch over your life. 
GOD bless you today. 

(Thank you, The 700 Club for this photo)

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