Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Good food, big servings at 8 Street Bites

Sunday as it was wont, was time to worship the Lord. I really prefer going to church on Saturdays as I want to reserve Sundays for household chores, but some errands would sometimes prompt me to go on a Sunday. Anyway, as we we needed to buy some things, my daughter and I went to SM Manila after worship service. In between shopping, we dropped by 8 Street Bites on the fourth level for something to fuel us up. It was my first time there, though I had been passing by this somewhat newbie (here in SM Manila and SM North Edsa) for some time. I was thrilled to see some pretty different things on the menu! 
And when our orders came, I was in for a pleasant surprise.
Servings were huge! We had:  

Street Bites Hamburger, P168.
Country Fried Chicken, P148.
French Fries, P28
Tiramisu, P68

Frostea, P48

Inside 8 Street Bites at SM City Manila

Another pleasant surprise when I took the first bites at our orders - everything was so good! 
I ordered the hamburger and my daughter, the fried chicken with milk gravy. The thick burger patty was perfectly spiced and grilled to perfection. There was coleslaw in it, slices of tomatoes, and crunchy onion rings on top. Yummy! I also raved about the fried chicken, which was delicious and not greasy even if it was battered, unlike those at some fast food chains. The milky gravy added some more goodness and enjoyment, making me want to take more bites. And there was a lot of chicken in an order that 
you'd be left fully satisfied and not wanting.
There was one thing that got me really disappointed, though - coffee was unavailable! Aaargh! It wasn't on the menu but it was written there at the counter, only it was not available at that time, I was told. I had to go down one level to get my coffee at McDonald's. Still, it was just a little trouble compared to enjoying the dessert to the hilt. Coffee and tiramisu was a perfectly lovely pair! I so loved the tiramisu at 8 Street Bites - just a bit sweet, thus, guilt-free. Meanwhile, my daughter's drink of choice was the Frostea, which, as I read somewhere, was much like the Slurpee at 7-11. And it came in a huge glass too! 
Well, I didn't find a thing to dislike at 8 Street Bites (except that there was no coffee!) and I urge you to try it, too, if you haven't. You'll thank me. Haha! Happy eating!

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