Monday, August 31, 2015

Pitch-black burger and more at Eduardo's Peri-Peri Flame-Grilled Chicken

The past week had been a period of trial for me and my husband, what with two of our children getting sick. My 19-year-old daughter was confined in the hospital for six days due to dengue while the youngest had fever due to another viral illness and was also absent from school the whole week. 
I thank GOD for the healing of my kids and for seeing 
us through during this period. 
But if there was one good thing that happened during my daughter's hospital stay, it was me discovering a new, good and interesting foodie place. One afternoon while watching over my daughter, I went out and spent a few minutes walking around the UST area (the hospital where we stayed is nearby) to search for something good to eat. At a corner on Dapitan St., I was handed a flier for a restaurant - Eduardo's Peri-Peri Flame-Grilled Chicken. The pictures, especially that of a jet-black burger, got me so interested that I was actually inside the resto after two days. What a long wait it actually was for me. Haha! But alas, my first venture wasn't fruitful. I wanted to order the black burger but the woman at the counter told me it wasn't available yet as they were still on soft opening. On Saturday, after two days, I, together with my son, was back there after his check-up. You see, when it comes to food, I don't like wasting time. Hahaha! The same woman (she's Ms. Rayen - I hope I remember it right - one of the managers here) I met at the counter in my previous visit told me at once the black burger was already available. Happiness! 
Here it is plus our other orders:

All Black Beef Burger, P169, with drink and friesQuarter Peri-peri chicken solo, P129.
Cashew Cashew Nuts San Rival, P90.
                  Brewed coffee, P45. But if you order any dessert, just add P30 for your cup of joe.

Iced tea, large, P42. Just add P15. to the combo price to upgrade from soda to iced tea.

I say I congratulate myself for discovering Eduardo's and for finally eating a black burger which I have long coveted for its mystic beauty. Black and purple are my favorite colors since birth! And beauty isn't all there is to Eduardo's' black burger. It's delish! There's nothing different or unusual about the black bun's taste. But the beef patty is really good! - grilled to perfection, flavorful, juicy and tender without being soggy. The veggies  - slices of tomato and lettuce - plus cheese, ketchup and mustard made my black burger just perfect! It's the best burger I've had in quite some time and I'm not kidding!  
Meanwhile, my boy had his first bite of his peri-peri chicken and delightfully said, "Sarap!" to my relief. I wasn't up to any whining, you know, as I was happy and content with my own food and I didn't want a spoiler. I had some of his chicken and loved it, too. It was actually my first time eating a peri-peri chicken and loved how packed with flavor it was and also a little bit spicy. 
 Peri-peri (also piri-piri), according to Wikipedia, is a marinade of Portuguese origin made from crushed chillies, citrus peel, onion, pepper, salt, lemon juice, bay leaves, paprika, pimiento, basil, oregano, and tarragon used mainly for barbecue. It really is hot and spicy but at Eduardo's, they toned down the level of hotness so as to suit the Filipino taste. I was so happy my kid liked and actually ate it. Before we came to Eduardo's, he was requesting - almost demanding - that we ate at nearby Mang Inasal for his all-time favorite chicken barbecue and sinigang soup. Thank goodness for Eduardo's delicious peri-peri chicken, I heard no protest nor complaint from my little picky eater. For a sweet and happy ending, I came to the sans rival, which I liked as well. It wasn't too sweet, just right for my taste. It was perfect with my cup of brewed coffee, which, in another story, was also good. I was even offered some fresh milk to use instead of creamer.
Well, our meal would have been perfect had the fries been fried a little longer 'coz I like it a bit crisp, not soft as the ones that came with my burger. But all in all, I loved what we had at Eduardo's and I'm definitely coming back one day soon to try their paella and other desserts. I also would love to eat the peri-peri chicken with their yellow rice, which I didn't order 'coz my son only likes plain rice.  
The counter. 
                                                                       Eduardo's offers 


Quotable quotes on the wall
By the way, service here at Eduardo's is very friendly, with me being asked separately by two managers if there was anything else I needed. Ms. Rayen also graciously granted my somewhat quirky, if not odd request to transfer my burger and fries to another plate. This was because when these arrived at our table, I saw that these were on a black plate. Knowing that black food on a black plate would not make the former "shine" in my photos, I asked that the burger and fries be transferred to a white plate, which Ms. Rayen asked one of the crews to do. nice of black burger shots were quite good as a result. 
Oh, well, yummy food, efficient service, pocket-friendly prices, what's not to love at Eduardo's Peri-Peri Flame-Grilled Chicken? Do yourselves good, folks, and head over to Dapitan corner V. Concepcion St. at the back of UST. They also have branches at SMDC Light in Mandaluyong City, in San Mateo, Rizal, and on West Avenue in Quezon City. 
Happy eating! 

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