Saturday, July 18, 2015

KFC's 'Chizza' is one bright idea!

Fusion food. The best of both worlds. Hitting two birds with one stone. Whatever you'd want to call it, I just think KFC's "Chizza" is one bright idea. Doubles the yum, doubles the fun! Well, that is if you love fried chicken and are nuts for pizza, too! I don't know when KFC came up with Chizza but it got my attention only last week and I wasted no time trying it. Me and three of my kids had the perfect reason to eat out for lunch last Saturday - our "ulam" of "ginisang munggo" got spoiled. 
Haha! So off we went to the nearest KFC where I had this Chizza 
while the kids still went for fried chicken and rice plus the sidings.

Chizza. Ala cart is around P120. 

Original recipe fried chicken with rice 

Mashed potato and coleslaw 
Bucket of fries 
Mushroom soup
Pecan pie. Goes well with brewed coffee! 
Strawberry Lush Krushers
My family has always loved KFC for their delicious fried chicken and I thought Chizza, with the usual pizza toppings that we love - pepperoni, pineapple, bell pepper bits and cheese - added a brand new way to enjoy it. The creamed mushroom soup, by the way, has been my favorite, too at KFC and a must-order whenever I visit. I also got to try and like one of their new offers, the pecan pie. It's quite small but just right for me coz I don't want to be eating a lot of sweets. It was a perfect pairing for my brewed coffee, which I'm so glad to have become part of KFC's all-day menu. 
Well, thanks to KFC, I didn't fret over spoilt "ginisang munggo". Haha!. 

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