Friday, June 19, 2015

Artsy Cafe: Second revisit

Last Saturday was the last before my kids' classes opened this week so it was, I thought, an opportune time to bond with them just before they become busy once again with school. And since work brought hubby out of town once again, only me and the four kids hied off to Quezon City that afternoon. I had scheduled a massage for me and the two girls. But before our time, we went to Maginhawa St. to let the kids try Artsy Cafe. I'd been in this lovely foodie place twice in the past but it was my kids' first time there. Same lovely place, surely, but there were some changes, one in the prices which are now a bit higher and second, in the way they served some of the food and drinks. Still, everything was delish and the kids enjoyed their afternoon meal. 
We had: 

Pumpkin soup, P75. 
Carbonara, P120. 
Club Decker, P150. 
Salisbury steak, P180. 
Lasagna, P170.  
Mojos, P95.  
Blueberry Cheesecake Crumble, P165.. 
House Iced Tea, P50; Iced Tea Slush, P80. 
Mint Calamansi, P70; Strawberry Mango Tea, P40. 

                                               Note: The following photos were taken during my previous visits

                                                               This one made me laugh :)

The hallway leads to the restroom 

                                                                    Roofed Patio

Artsy Cafe is at 36 Maginhawa St. in Diliman, Quezon City
The pumpkin soup was mine and I loved it. I knew it was good the moment it was served. The deep orange hue was inviting and I was sure I was in for a good thing. I was right, of course - the broth was thick and bursting with just the right flavors. Yummy! The hot soup brought comfort to my already growling tummy . Haha! I ate some of the clubhouse sandwich with my soup and a few of the mojos, the latter two my favorites here at Artsy. Meanwhile, I tasted almost all of my kids' orders (except for the carbonara) and they were good, too, especially the lasagna, which my two sons' both had. Well, this third visit reaffirmed my stand to hold Artsy Cafe as one of the best restaurants in Maginhawa St. and certainly my favorite Nice place, delicious food, affordable prices, friendly service. 
What more could you possibly want? 
Try Artsy Cafe if you haven't, folks! 
Happy eating!

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