Friday, April 10, 2015

Today's Word: John 19:30

It's the week after Resurrection Sunday. How was your reflections of our Lord Jesus' death on the cross? At church, I couldn't cry enough thinking of my own sins. I knew it had to be me suffering for my wrongdoings. But Jesus, that sinless Man, chose to take my place and died for me so I could have eternal life.  Were you thinking like I was? I hope and pray that Jesus' sacrifice of His own life got you thinking hard of where you are headed. Have you accepted Him as Lord of your life and Savior? I pray you've had or you will because Jesus died for you and me and His death on the cross would be in vain if we do not regard Him as Lord and Savior. Just before He gave up His spirit, He said, "It is finished". It is finished! No more condemnation for our sins, no more chains by the Enemy, we are set free! May Jesus' resurrection and triumph over sin and death leave an indelible mark in our hearts - 
the very blood that was shed for us. 
God bless you today.

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