Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Maginhawa St. Gastronomic Walk #5: Artsy Cafe

Last week, or days before 2014 gave way to 2015, I had a new foodie place discovery in my favorite street - Maginhawa in Quezon City (what else could it be? lol.) It's Arsty Cafe - that cutesy, whimsy place that's very Instagram-worthy - both the place and the food. The country-style decors and the way they serve food using cute, colorful dishes will have you clicking away with your camera, that's for sure. Given this, it's a bonus that what you eat tastes good! Haha! I was at Artsy Cafe with a friend last week and again, yesterday with my sister and niece. I so enjoyed being there on both occasions. These were what we ordered: 

Club Decker, P150. 
Bolognese pasta, P100. 
Chicken Wrap with fries, P145. 
Mojos, P95. 
Chicken Barbecue, P150. 
Espresso Panna Cotta, P80. 
Brewed Coffee, P80. I so loved how this is served. The cute ceramic cow holds the milk. 

Mint Calamansi, P50.  
Strawberry Mango Tea, P40. 

The wooden box where they put the bill and the customer puts money when paying

The hallway leads to the restroom 
Even the restroom is artsy. Lol.

Artsy Cafe is at 36 Maginhawa St. in Diliman, Quezon City

The clubhouse sandwich is very good and filling and the fries that came with it is exceptionally yummy - the breading has the right blend of spices, not at all salty. A sprinkling of parmesan cheese added some yum. And each cut is big - perfect for munching! The bolognese pasta could be a favorite among kids because it's close in taste to spaghetti. I liked that its sauce is Pinoy-style in flavor - a little sweet, with almost no sour note. My niece liked her Chicken Wrap and was pleasantly surprised when she first bit into it - the filling was cold, obviously coming straight from the fridge. I had a bite, too, and had happy recall of the cold sandwiches our nun college dean used to make and sell to us students, which I relished. The chicken barbecue is the only thing I disliked at Artsy Cafe 'coz it's much too sweet! The chicken itself was good. It was the sauce poured over it that was way too sweet for me. 
Anyway, the Espresso Panna Cotta was the one thing we sooo loved - very soft, smooth on the mouth and just a bit sweet your taste buds won't easily get tired (the "sawa"factor) of it. I enjoyed this dessert to the hilt. The drinks that we had washed down everything so well. The Mint Calamansi was very refreshing - you could even munch on the fragrant mint leaves that make you think you're chewing on Juicy Fruit gum. The Strawberry Mango Tea is not to be outdone - very comforting to the tummy. It was very aromatic, fruity and delicious. But my brewed arabica coffee made me dish out the longest "mmmmm!". It was so good and in fact, perfect - not too strong, just of the right kick. I order brewed coffee in all places I go to where it's available and I rarely liked theirs. I'm happy that coffee at Artsy Cafe was really good - worth coming back for! By the way, there is a number of choices 
when you order brewed coffee here aside from Arabica - there's also Macadamia, 
Butterscotch (which sounds good!) , Kalinga, and several others. 
Oh well, there are so many things I would want to come back here for. See you there, guys, one of these days. You definitely gotta eat at Artsy Cafe, too! 

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