Monday, January 19, 2015

Amo Yamie Crib and Movie House: Perhaps U-belt's hippest hangout

Before 2014 became history, I was happy to discover a nice, new place for hanging out at the University Belt Area in Manila. Amo Yamie Crib and Movie House had just opened then, not even a month old, and me and my daughter hauled off ourselves there right after she saw it on Facebook. And we were happy finders that weekday afternoon. The place was cool, hip, with a totally different concept from most places we'd been to. I was in awe as we stepped inside - there were many small rooms that were like.. well, cribs - one on top of another, with groups of friends huddled in each one, sitting on the floor (you'd have to leave your shoes outside, by the way) and eating on a small, low table. How cozy each room, err, crib, looked! Perfect for a barkada hanging out after classes, chatting away the time. There was quite an extensive menu of drinks but not so much 
food - only snacks that included waffles, burger, cakes, tacos and nachos. 
No heavy meals here, no pasta, no rice and viands.
Anyway, these were our orders:

Mini burgers with fries
Strawberry Waffle 
Cafe Latte
'Jack and Jelly'

I was impressed by everything that we had except for the waffle. My taco was soo yummy it just might be the best I've had in a long time. It was meaty, crunchy, delicious and filling. The burger was good, too, and fun to eat because of their miniature size. The waffle failed to impress me, though, because I had just eaten 

a really good one somewhere. Hehehe..

The 'cribs'

Anyway, as their name says, Amo Yamie includes a movie house which is a separate unit in the same building, just a few steps away from the food and drink place. There are several rooms of different sizes. One can accommodate a couple or up to four persons while some may hold a bigger group of about 20 people. It can be rented for P500 (or was it P550?) for two hours for movie-watching, and there's already unli-popcorn for the group.
Nice, right? 

Movie room

My daughter and I had a great time eating and hanging out at Amo Yamie. The food and drinks were generally good, service was friendly and the prices, just right - pretty affordable for students. I give the highest mark to the ambiance, however, because I totally liked how homey and cozy each "crib" was and how cool it was to spend time there eating and drinking and just hanging out with friends or family.  I definitely want to bring my whole family here for some bonding time eating and watching a movie. 
Amo Yamie Crib and Movie House is at the 2nd Floor of Gordi Plaza Building on Legarda St. near the corner with C.M. Recto Ave. in Manila. 

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