Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Today's Word: John 14:27

Being a mom to four kids and holding a full-time job at the same time could sometimes rob me of peace especially at times when work piles up and problems crop up either at home or in the office or worse, in both! Times like these, I long to reach the end of the day so that I may dim the light and relax by playing games on my cellphone or reading a good book. At last..peace! However, even in the midst of chaos brought about by work and family troubles and concerns, we can find peace in our Lord Jesus who promised to give it to us. A short, silent prayer works all the time to achieve inner peace whenever we need it. I've said such prayers even in front of my computer in the office a lot of times and God, the faithful Father, did not fail to answer them. 
Try it and be prepared to be blessed. Have a nice day!

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