Sunday, October 19, 2014

'Flu diet'

Around this time last month, I was down with the flu and was confined to bed for four days. On the fifth, I went out, but only to go to the doctor. I was feeling so weak and without an appetite which was rare! Hehe..Truth is, I rarely get sick and in fact, it was my first time in 46 years to get the flu. Whew! I wish never to catch it again because I don't like it when I lose the desire to eat. 
There were just five things (food!) that my waning taste buds wanted:

Nilagang bakaThis was the only ulam I wanted with my rice. The soup was comforting and satisfying.
Green mango with salt and chili. The sourness of the unripe mango coupled with the zing of the siling labuyo was an antidote to my lack of appetite. I'd eat this with much gusto! 
While I was sick, even eating made me feel tired. Porridge to the rescue! Because it's easy to swallow, less effort was required to eat.
Lanzones. I constantly craved for this when I had the flu. Thank God it was lanzones season when I got sick.
Turon. The sweetness of this Filipino snack favorite somehow gave me an appetite. I had this on hand for those times I was hungry but had no desire to eat.

Without any of these five, I would have been happy to go. hungry on those days that I was sick.      Thanks to my househelp, who was patient enough to cook or buy what I wanted to eat. 
                             Stay healthy, guys as it seems to be flu season because of the 
                                                              ever-changing weather.

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