Sunday, August 31, 2014

What's pink and nice for hanging out? Pink Guava!

Pink Guava. It's not a fruit, it's a foodie place. How cute. This was my first thought when I saw Pink Guava for the first time on Quezon Avenue on my way to work maybe two years ago. Last year (or was it 2012?) , my youngest son and I went there but found out they only served an assortment of hot and cold drinks. However, my kid wanted something to eat so out we went. But months later, I was happy to know they had started serving food - pastas, rice meals and cakes. Sadly, I couldn't find an opportunity to eat there...till yesterday. I had business to transact at nearby Insular Life and so had lunch at Pink Guava afterward, together with my daughter. 
These were our orders:   

Pork Sesame Oyster, P119.
My daughter loved this. It's breaded pork poured over with sweet-salty sesame-oyster sauce.
Chix and Chips, P65.
I ate only this and a huge chunk of the cake because I was still feeling full from breakfast. 

Fried bite-sized chicken and potato chips. Great for nibbling!
Almond cake, P115.
We forgot the exact name of this cake and only remembered the first word - almond. Soft and moist and just a bit sweet, making me not too guilty for indulging. Haha!
Cappuccino, 8 oz, P75. It's also available in two bigger sizes.
I loved my coffee! It was v
ery frothy and had just the right kick.
Guava Lychee juice, P120.
My daughter so loved this. Unique was how she described it.
Cute interiors! I love to purple. 

This is our table and that's my daughter looking so relaxed with her Guava-Lychee drink.
The lamp hanging over our table. Isn't it pretty?

I think this is the one with cinnamon. I regret not having ordered this. Next time!
Or maybe this is the one with cinnamon. Haha! What poor memory I have.
This is Ferrero Rocher cake. I would have loved the cake itself but I dislike Ferrero Rocher 
chocolate that's on top so I didn't go for this.

 This is upstairs, where a function was to be held that afternoon.

Pink Guava is on Quezon Ave in QC. If you're coming from Welcome Rotonda going toward QC Memorial Circle, it's on your right and comes after National Bookstore.

I say this is one place that's perfect for having a nice chat with a friend or even just chillin' out alone . The place has simple but cute and relaxing interiors. The drink menu is quite extensive and impressive. The food menu is simple and contains not quite a lot but I guess there's a good side to it - it saves you from the stress of indecision because it's easier to make a choice. Haha! There's only a few (three or four) pasta dishes and some rice meals plus two pica-pica - Chix. and Chips and Fish and Chips, then the cakes and pastries. But my daughter liked it there so much, I guess, that she was telling me last night she wanted to eat there again. 
Well, hope to see you guys there!

(Note: This place is now closed)

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