Monday, August 18, 2014

Live the sweet life at Sweet Avenue Cafe

Thanks to group-buying sites, I don't only save on dining costs, I also discover new foodie places (new to me and really new). Last week, I bought a voucher for Sweet Avenue Cafe in Malate and immediately used it last Saturday before going to church. A wise idea to choose this cafe indeed because our church was only 10 minutes away from there. Anyway, I was quite impressed with this cafe, which I found to be "cute". It's not very small (it can seat 30 persons, the owner told me) nor big, with wooden tables and chairs and a bar-like nook. The first thing that caught my attention, however, was the pink rose at each table and I snapped a shot right away. Perhaps noticing my enthusiasm, the owner told me the rose was actually edible as it was made out of sugar. Wow! I admired and ogled over it all the more. After we (one of my kids was with me) placed our orders, the owner (I hope I remember it right that her name is Ms. Nancy) and I exchanged some "chika" and I found out that Sweet Avenue Cafe opened last year and that most of their clients are employees from nearby offices.  She said they accept small functions like corporate meetings and they also make cakes and cupcakes on order. It wasn't long before our food arrived. I was surprised that my tall-size mocha frappe was indeed tall! In fact, I didn't finish it. Haha! 

My daughter had pesto topped by fried chicken. The pasta was good. My daughter agreed that it was basil-flavorful, but added that a little more salt would have made it better. 
She also liked the bread and the chicken. 

I had "tapsilog" which, at P150, came a full meal as there was also soup (that tasted like nilagang baka), guyabano tea and a small piece of brownie for dessert. How nice! And the tapa slices were a lot - another plus point. The meat was deliciously spiced and tender, too. Even the fried egg was delicious! I always eat tapsilog but in most restaurants, I usually leave the fried egg half-eaten. However, I ate all of it at Sweet Avenue - it was that good! There was one thing I was kinda sad about, though - the rice was not fried, thus, I shouldn't have called my tapa meal "tapsilog" in the first place because there was no "si" for sinangag. Hehe. Here's a saving factor, though: there's a side of veggies, too, which was likewise good that I also finished it.

For dessert, we shared a slice of Green Tea Cheesecake. I'm glad I chose it among the cakes and cupcakes available because I loved it for being just a bit sweet (thus guilt-free) and because it had green tea, it was healthier as well. And yummy too!   

This was my daughter's choice - cafe latte. We loved that it had coffee art. Hehe. My daughter didn't like it very much though, because it seemed to her that there was too much milk and less coffee. But she loved my mocha frappe, which I loved as well.

My Mocha Frappe. Two persons may share a tall frappe because it was really a lot!

And this was the rose I was ogling at. So pretty! 

These are edible party favors that are sooo cute! I just know they're perfect for weddings, christenings and birthdays. 

They have several fruit-flavored cupcake varieties and I was
told that those were made from real pureed fruits and no artificial flavors were used. I love that because I don't like artificial flavors and colors. Those don't do our bodies any good.
This is the corner that's like a bar with the tall wooden stools.

These are just some of their cake designs. Kids would love these!

By the way, Ms. Nancy (I hope I'm not mistaken!)  was so nice to give us a meat pie as token. It was meaty and delicious. Perfect with a cup of coffee. 

Sweet Avenue Cafe on Leon Guinto St. near corner Quirino Ave.

The menu outside written on blackboard

I think Sweet Avenue is full of promise because of its delicious food and quick and friendly service. Give it a try one of these days, guys. 

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