Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today's Word: Luke 8:24

This morning was quite scary, wasn't it, no thanks to typhoon "Glenda (international name Rammansun)". I was a bit nervous because I hadn't experienced such violent winds in my whole life! All that I relied on was GOD. I was praying loudly already after the wind destroyed our garden, toppling down the bamboo wall that my husband had lovingly built three years ago and shattering our beautiful and unique lamp made from differently-colored wine bottles. Another thing I was sad about was the destruction of our Pycos tree with one huge branch cut off. Then I heard on TV that the typhoon was on its way yet to Metro Manila and my fear worsened, thinking we had to brace for even stronger winds. I was afraid our roof would be blown away. Amazingly, the wind died down minutes after my loud prayer (I'm sure many Manilans were praying as well). Thank you so much, LORD! You are so good indeed! 
Many lives and properties were spared. 
For this let us all praise the LORD!

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