Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Today's Word: Romans 8:28

Fear is in the hearts of many people around the world these days, with the new coronavirus disease spreading in many parts of the globe. Even some Christians grapple with fear that this illness might affect their loved ones. I admit falling into the trap at times, especially when reading the news. But thank God, there are dear brothers and sisters in the faith who offer kind words of advice and remind me that God is in control, that He is sovereign and knows everything that is happening. 
It is a comfort to know that He loves His children and shields us from harm. Romans 8:28 says God works for the good of those who love Him. This teaches us that if we trust Him, we can be sure that He will turn this bad situation 
into one that will bless us instead of harming us.

(Thank you, Digital Bible for this photo)

Let us all pray that God will immediately cause coronavirus to die and not afflict 
more people around the world especially here in our country, and that 
the mighty blood of Jesus will always cover us and all our families. 
In the midst of this storm, let us also continue to praise and thank the Lord, confident that His will to give us a good future will prevail. 
God bless everyone.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Just Get In!

No, that wasn't an order, I was telling you the name of this restaurant in Quiapo that recently became my favorite Chinese food place. Located along Villalobos St., it's named "Just get in" and looks interesting enough to make people "obey". Aside from the restaurant's quirky name, another thing drew me closer to the place--people crowding around a table just outside the door, buying fried siopao that looked yummy! So, I was one of those who "obeyed" and got in. Hahaha! The first visit was followed by another one, tagging along my youngest child. From the looks of it, a third visit is looming quite soon. We loved the food especially the fried siopao, which I buy 
for take out whenever there's an opportunity.
These are so far what we have tried from the menu :

Braised Beef Noodles
Half a boiled egg, noodles, chunks of beef, bokchoy and broth -- the elements of a perfect comfort food to warm a hungry tummy. This was delicious and the serving was huge it could feed two less hungry people. The strong Chinese spice 
(was it star anise?) might be adverse to some, though. 

Fried Chicken with Rice
My son's order. All kids love fried chicken, I suppose? But the mom, does, too, so I had a bite and loved the leg that was perfectly spiced and fried to a perfect crunch. I was 
a bit surprised - and happy to find halved boiled egg on this plate.

Fried Breaded Pork
This is originally served with plain rice but you can ask that it be replaced with fried rice, like I did. The saltiness of the breaded pork was just right but the crunch that I was anticipating when I bit into it was missing and that left me kinda sad. 
I loved the fried rice, tho.

Fried siopao
Now this, for me, was the "bomb" at Just Get In. The dough was firm but tender and the filling -- there was a lot and very tasty, too! The minced pork was gingery, with a hint of sweetness and soy. I love this fried siopao so much that I make it a point 
to buy some whenever I go to Quiapo. And then I make it 
my baon to work for a few days in a row.

My take out 
Look at the thick filling! 

Free peanuts and tea
On my first visit, I was served free adobo peanuts while I waited for my order.
There is complimentary hot tea, too, but you have to ask for it. 
They don't offer it. Lol.


Inside Just Get In

Fried siopao for sale outside

Just Get In near the end of Villalobos St. in Quiapo, Manila 
going to the Quinta Market.

Visit Just Get In, folks, when you're in Manila's Quiapo district. There's a lot to try here, whether you're coming for breakfast, lunch, meryenda or dinner. Enjoy tasty Chinese dishes at prices that won't break the bank. Dont forget 
to take home some fried siopao, too!
Happy eating!

Monday, February 24, 2020

Bulalo Point and Turo-turo Grill in Tagaytay

For foodies, Tagaytay is almost synonimous to bulalo and tawilis as those craving for the hot beef and bone marrow dish and the crunchy small fish go this city in Cavite to satisfy their cravings. We're one of them! Months before the sad occurrence of the Taal Volcano eruption, our family spent a night in Tagaytay. We arrived quite late as we came all the way from Lucena City. We decided to have dinner at one of the popular bulalo restaurants there located at Mendez Crossing East: Bulalo Point Turo-turo Grill. It was almost closing time so we just ordered two viands 
so they won't take much time preparing. 
What we had:

Nilagang Bulalo, P480.

Calamares, P230.

Ripe mango shake P80.

There's no contention as to how good the bulalo was. The beef was really tender and the soup was hot, flavorful and extremely satisfying! With a dipping sauce of "toyo", "kalamansi" and "sili", I could have bulalo this good everyday. Haha! 
Meanwhile, the calamares was delicious too, and the kids loved 
it with the mayo-ketchup dip. 


Inside Bulalo Point

Bulalo Point and Turo-turo Grill at Mendez Crossing East in Tagaytay City

We came famished but went out full and satisfied. 
Hope to be back to Bulalo Point soon for more of the unforgettable nilagang bulalo. 
Try this place, folks, when you're spending a day 
or two in the cool city of Tagaytay. 
Happy eating!